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In a Nutshell: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the technical process of adapting key factors on and off your website in order to rank highly in search results. It’s about adapting or ‘optimising’ a site in such a way that makes Google, Yahoo and MSN rank your site above your online competition.

3 Good Reasons to Optimise your website.

  • 1. Having a website is no longer enough. Optimised websites used to be the exception in most sectors – it’s fast becoming the rule.
  • 2. If you are not currently at the top – someone else is! Somebody needs to be at the top of the search results and no matter how nice your site is that won’t mean Google places you above the many other sites offering the same product or service as you do.
  • 3. Our habits have changed. More people than ever are abandoning traditional methods of finding businesses and services in favour of using the web, placing even more importance on being able to be found online. As a specialist seo web design company we know exactly how to do that, whether it’s search engine optimisation, Google Adwords or through seo web design.

Based in Leek, Staffordshire our seo service is designed firstly to inform, advise and then take action. We can tell you exactly what people are searching for, how strong the online competition is and how long before you might see your website on top of search engines.

We never prescribe a set course of action as your particulr needs and challenges will be unique. From experience most truly successful websites will employ seo web design and search engine marketing and usually some kind of email marketing in unison.



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